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Kbc Whatsapp Lottery Winner – Kbc Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number

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Good news for all the KBC Fans who are using WhatsApp now you can get participate in KBC by calling on KBC WhatsApp number +19188444479. Because this KBC WhatsApp number is officially registered with WhatsApp lucky draw 2021. So if you have interest to join KBC WhatsApp lucky draw please call KBC WhatsApp number which is +19188444479. Similarly if you are receiving calls related to lottery of 35 or 25 lacs customer hears about KBC JIO WhatsApp winner list 2021 of 25 lacs or 35 lacs. We are showing the full WhatsApp international lucky draw 2021 information, WhatsApp lucky draw 2021 winner list and about KBC lottery fake WhatsApp number.

KBC Lottery 2021

Dear Sir if you want to win KBC Lottery 2021 on your WhatsApp then you don’t need to go anywhere. Because KBC has included all the WhatsApp numbers in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw. So you don’t need to do any thing you just keep visiting this official website and if you are a KBC WhatsApp winner then we will updated your name in KBC Lottery winner 2021 list WhatsApp. After hearing that they do not know how to believe such a sudden news. So customer’s mind is facing inner conflict what to do right now. We will update KBC JIO WhatsApp Winner List 2021 here. If you receive KBC lottery fake WhatsApp number please call KBC Head Office Number 0019188444478.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp

KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021
No:KBC Winner Name:Winner Mobile NumberLottery Amount:Lottery Number:
1.Mr. Imran Khan DK847****83725,00,00089912
2.Mr. Faisal Big Show648****73625,00,000474768
3.Ms. Oad Devi993****00325,00,00089910
4.Mr. Khalid Vicky Prince912****73925,00,0001001094
5.Mr. Sarwar Bacha773****10125,00,00076697
6.Haji Abru849****10025,00,0000150
7.Mr. Ramzan Khan783****63735,00,00093782
8.Mr. Irfan Boss983****78235,00,00087310
9.Waqar Dhobi873****76350,00,0000044
10.Mr. Ali Hasan677****6661,00,00,00088763

Good news for all the KBC WhatsApp winner if you are a KBC WhatsApp winner but your name and mobile number is not showing in the KBC WhatsApp winner list. Then you can get your lottery information by calling on KBC WhatsApp number +19188444479. Because this KBC WhatsApp Number is officially registered in KBC head office Mumbai. So if you are a KBC WhatsApp winner please don’t be late to call on KBC WhatsApp number thanks. You can also get WhatsApp lucky draw 2021 winner list by calling on this KBC head office registered number.

Check Kbc Whatsapp Lottery 2021 Online

If you want to check your kbc whatsapp lottery please enter your winner mobile number and lottery number in the below column and click on check button:

Dear winner of kbc whatsapp lottery 2021 if you don’t have your registered lottery number please call kbc whatsapp number which is 0019188444478. Because this number is officially registered with kbc whatsapp lucky draw 2021. All the Kbc Jio Whatsapp Winner List 2021 and Jio kbc winner list please don’t be late and call 0019188444478.

Dear fan of KBC if you want to participate for the KBC WhatsApp lottery 2021 please click on the link thanks.

KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021

WhatsApp Lottery Number List 2021

No:Lottery Amount:WhatsApp NumberLottery Number:

If you get a call or a text from an unknown number telling you that you simply have won a prize in KBC, don’t take it seriously. There are several instances where fraudsters have made calls through WhatsApp or have sent texts promising people an opportunity at KBC, congratulating them for winning 25 lakh, and even promising a gathering with Amitabh Bachchan. These instances of fraud have gone up within the last six months

Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2021 Winner List

  • Mr. Javid Iqbal Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Mumbai Date 12 January 2021.
  • Mr. Irfan Shetty Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Delhi Date 12 January 2021.
  • Ms. Keerthi Reddy Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Kolkata Date 12 January 2021.
  • Mr. Anwar Khan Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Kolkata Date 12 January 2021.
  • Mr. Tariq Ali Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Pune Date 12 January 2021.

For more information about KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021 List please contact KBC WhatsApp head office number 0019188444478. Similarly we will also update JIO lottery winner, KBC winner list and KBC JIO WhatsApp Winner List 2021 here.

WhatsApp Lucky Winner List 2021

No:WhatsApp Winner Name:Lottery Number:Lottery Amount:
1.Imran Khan DK899125,00,000
2.Amir King AK100108725,00,000
3.Hasnain Gora8991125,00,000
4.Haider Ali PK015025,00,000
5.Faisal Big Show73672325,00,000
6.Anil Kapoor8398225,00,000
KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp

How to get Whatsapp Lottery Online

  • First of all your check your lottery online whether you are winner or not.
  • If you found that you are winner please contact kbc whatsapp number 0019188444479.
  • KBC officer will give you all instruction that how you can get your prize online.
  • Remember KBC is not responsible of any call/sms starting from 0092 or +92. So if you receive call/sms on your whatsapp please immediately report on kbc head office whatsapp number 0019188444479.

All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021

Dear if you are winner of all India sim card WhatsApp lucky draw 2021. If you thinking where to go what to do now. In such case, They victim of hacker or money lover. Customers start paying charges on the order of merciless cheaters again and again. You pay different charges such as bank transferring, Income taxes, govt taxes, Five or seven amount transferring charges. In this way customers are going to poverty after paying many taxes, Customers search our web page then no use of checking. Now we are giving convincing information to the customers, don’t follow such people. If you follow them then we are not responsible of any paying.

When you gets Whatsapp call or sms or Whatsapp lottery papers. At this time customers should trace our helpline or guide line numbers from our KBC web page. You get exact information related to Kbc Jio Whatsapp Winner List 2021. You should confirm first your registration. Then you should confirm about your lottery numbers from our head office. You may get heartily wishes what you want to gain .

Kbc Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number

Believable and securing instructions about Kbc lottery fake whatsapp number: Now authority is giving warning written sms customers should not have faith such calls or lotter papers. They are parasite who are drinking the blood of poor people of our motherland. These are like a Coronavirus who swallow the blood of penniless person. Their heart are like a crocodile.there is no hint of Mercy in their heart but to make money. These wild hunters have a one aspire to gather money willy nilly .

Their aim to collect or make money. These Hunter have a fatal mind for poor and innocent creature of India. In such case please contact our authentic and ratified supporting or guiding number which are on services 24 hours. So we have entered our helping number in our whatsapp lottery official website or link. Finally no need to worry about any unpleasant situations. We have a verified treated for every horrible diseases. Our representative are sitting in office all the time officers duty just to relieve tension of customer. You may call on our toll free WhatsApp number.

Modern changing in new WhatsApp lottery systems: It’s happy news for the customers by hearing or reading it. Now you have brought all old system into new systems. We have updated all Whatsapp lottery winner system for the benefit of customers. Previous WhatsApp prize holder are in pending. They can get their deserving WhatsApp lottery prize. We have introducing new system in which customer check his registration. Whatsapp lottery prize and Whatsapp lottery number. By adding their lottery numbers they can verified whether lottery number is correct or not. Whether they are prize winner or not.

WhatsApp International Lucky Draw 2021

Whatsapp registration is depend upon running sim cards. So if your sim card is facing trouble to due company. You may not get prize the term and condition of Whatsapp lottery is that you should use WhatsApp on your real number. Customers numbers should not involve in illegal activities. There should be no default in your sim cards. So our sim cards should be fair with regular use of mobile load. There should be proper use recharge in your mobile. If you are using your sim cards in proper way.

You are registered in WhatsApp lottery game automatically. You may verify your registration from our various head office for example in Kolkata city or Mumbai. If customers are inhabitants of Kolkata, They may contact their related city which is mentioned in below or above. If you are living in Mumbai, You may contact Mumbai kbc head office helpline numbers regarding to problems. So if you are living in other cities, You may contact any where which you like better.

Whether Whatsapp lottery number is matching with whatsapp receiving paper or not. Customers may verify their pending prize which is related to previous years 2019 through this modern system. Similarly customer may get chance to see their legend Amitabh in WhatsApp game show ( prize distributing game). Because Amitabh is leading figure of this Whatsapp lottery winner. All this is possible by using or seeing or dialing our helpline numbers. Otherwise you may not verify it till death .

Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2021 Winner List

Now we are offering our official web page from where customers can check KBC Whatsapp lottery winner 2021 list. So visit our official website you may get a picture of Whatsapp prize winners who are pasted with official webpage. Customers are getting trouble how to check update lists of prize winners. No need to think more simple visit our official website and ,watch authentic lists of Whatsapp prize winner one by one. This list will give you courage and strength for bright future .

Be aware please don’t believe such Whatsapp caller who are calling from different countries code. They are send hand made lottery papers. Some time they are imitating Whatsapp lottery winners data from our website. Customers have leading approach to Whatsapp lottery lists with online portal. You may not miss chance of making future bright. You can achieve lottery tickets, participate in this Whatsapp game show. In this game show legends personalities are distributing prize by hand on the stage. We are showing ex-lottery winners lists of Whatsapp user.

This is sacred event which is performed by heroes of country. It’s a great competition between sim cards. Actually it’s a not competition between sim cards but luck of our native people’s .

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