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Check KBC Lucky Draw 2020 Winners List and Winners Mobile Number


Kbc lucky draw 2020 25 lakhs: Live legend hero Amitabh of Bollywood is chairperson of this game show. So majority of people wants to see him in live show. Similarly it’s inborn desire of all Indian peoples to see and meet him. Finally you can meet him only through kbc helpline numbers, And registered yourself for kbc lucky winner 2020. You may get information which are relevant to team of kbc lucky draw 2020, kbc winner list 2020, kbc lucky draw fake.

KBC lucky draw is known by the name kbc lucky draw 2020 of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Because Big B Amitabh Bachchan is the host of KBC lucky draw 2020. So everyone can join in this lucky draw through your Jio sim card. So if you want to participate in the KBC lottery winner 2020. Finally you just need to keep recharging your sim card daily.

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How to Win KBC Lucky Draw 2020

Everyone has desire to win lottery for 25 lacs and they want to know whether they are registered or not. Whether they may be winner or not through leading numbers which are mention in KBC official website. There are many peoples who want to defame the image of sacred game show. Because this show is popular all over the country. They want to destroy the popularity of this department. So people of this land should be aware of such scammers and artificial callers. If you want to get joining you may become a crorepati. So it’s a golden chance for people of our mother land to make fortune.

Anita Kumari KBC Lucky Draw 2020 Winner

Check KBC Lottery Online

Dear kbc lucky draw winner now you can check your kbc lottery online free by entering your winner mobile number and lottery number here.

Dear kbc lucky draw 2020 winner if you don’t have your kbc registered lottery number. Don’t worry you can get your registered lottery number by calling on kbc number 0019188444478. Similarly you can also check jio lucky draw 2020 winner data here. Because this website is officially linked in kbc official website.

KBC Lucky Draw 2020 Winners List

Now we are showing the KBC Lucky Draw 2020 Winners List here:

Name: Rahul Kumar Sharma
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 877xxxx029

Rahul Kumar Sharma KBC Lottery Winner

Name: Sundar Singh
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 897xxxx029

Sunder Singh KBC Lottery Winner

Name: Ganyaal Singh
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 791xxxx021

Ganyaal Singh KBC JIO Winner

Name: Bittu Kumar
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 991xxxx921

Bittu Kumar KBC JIO winner

Name: Rajesh Kumar
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 891xxxx900

Rajesh Kumar KBC Lottery Winner

Name: Arjun Pandet
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 889xxxx561

Arjun Pandet KBC Lottery Winner

Name: Sajid Ali Saja
Winning Amount 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 689xxxx261

Sajid Ali Saja KBC Lottery Winner

Name: Bhavana
Winning Amount: 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 987xxxx029

Bhavana KBC 25 Lakh Winner

Name: Biren Lakra
Winning Amount: 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 907xxxx009

Biren Lakra KBC lottery Winner

Name: Dipankar Roy
Winning Amount: 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 817xxxx999

Dipankar Roy KBC 25 Lakh Winner

Name: S K Pradhan KBC
Winning Amount: 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 717xxxx119

S K Pradhan KBC 25 Lakh Winner

Name: Suresh Choudhary
Winning Amount: 25,00,000 INR
Winner Mobile Number: 645xxxx918

Suresh Choudhary KBC 25 Lakh Winner

KBC Lucky Draw Winner List 2020

  • Imran Khan DK Lottery Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Sajid Ali Lottery Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Arjun Singh Lottery Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Faisal Big Show Lottery Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Shabbir Khan Lottery Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Nasir Ali Lottery Amount 35 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.
  • Aslam Khan Lottery Amount 35 Lakhs Winning Date 04 November 2020.

All the kbc lucky draw 2020 winner list has updated here. For more information about kbc lucky draw or about jio lucky draw please keep visiting this kbc official website. Because we are officially registered with kbc ( kaun banega crorepati ).

KBC Lucky Draw 2020 Head Office Number
kbc head office number

When you receive a lottery text from a unknown number you have not give your number to, this is called KBC Lottery Fake SMS. Unfortunately, KBC is unable to prevent you from receiving these unwanted lottery messages, unless you want to ban all lottery message. These fake callers have clever ways of getting mobile phone numbers.

KBC Lucky Winner List 2020

No:Lucky Winners Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Numbers:Date:
1.Krishna Kumar25,00,000 INR100108104 November 2020
2.Rana Pratap Singh25,00,000 INR 8991904 November 2020
3.Vijay Kumar25,00,000 INR 445504 November 2020
4.Babu Lal Chauhan35,00,000 INR115504 November 2020
5.Ashok Varma35,00,000 INR89917704 November 2020
6.Sunder Singh50,00,000 INR5071809404 November 2020
7.Rahul Kumar Pandey1,00,00,000 INR899104 November 2020

Furthermore more information about KBC lucky winner list 2020 please contact KBC head office number 0019188444474. Similarly you can also contact for kbc lucky draw fake complaint. We will also update all the KBC Lottery Winner List 2021 on this website.

Anita Kumar and Gouni Devi KBC Lucky Winners with Amitabh Bachchan

KBC Lottery Fake Calls/SMS

We are giving pleasant news for the victims and newly customers about kbc lottery fake calls/sms timetable. So kbc head office open every time you may seek search and sympathy from the office regarding to KBC lucky draw fake. Similarly you can be able for getting latest news from head office. It will give relief to your mentally state which is facing what to do what not to do. Please direct dial call toll free number and get information which is needful to you. Helpline number is compulsory for every customer. Without us you will face tragic scene such as fake caller.

These fake hunters are making fool to the people. They snacht money and property through unfair means. Such callers have merciless hearts and nature. They will watch u green garden and collect money from poor creature. Don’t faith such kbc lucky draw fake and liars. You may get information effortlessly about lottery structure, lottery number, lottery draw, lottery victorious lists, lottery certificates and lottery tickets. With the help of kbc official number you may recognize unclear situation.

KBC lottery winner 2020 number 8991 winner name. Many fool makers are calling in order to fulfill their lust. Many people of our beloved land are receiving fake calls on their jio WhatsApp or on IMO or jio numbers. These callers are overseas hunters. These are stone maker ,don’t know about pity and poverty and sympathy. They are making people poor and more poor. We are showering blessing information among people to secure yourself and your by birth property. They demand taxes, send bank account and charges by showing fake lists of kbc winners. If you face such calls please call kbc head office immediately and get trustworthy information about kbc lottery etc.

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  1. I got call yesterday …That I have won 25 lakh ruppes as a lottery ….Lottery no-1122 …its really plz confirm it get call or mail …

  2. I got a call today that I have won 25 Lacs prize in KBC competition. & I shared my bank account number & my photo & my name BHAVESH B.RAVAL. TO THE CALLER ON A GUVEN WHATTSAPP NUMBER.

  3. I got a call saying that I have won rupees 25 Lacs in KBC lottery & I gave my name, bank account number & photo on a particular number given by the caller.is it true..please guide me.
    Sirjee I am worried.

  4. I,m poor housewives ,I got call telling me that I won kbc lottery 25 lacs.he told me to pay amount of 12000and 500rs.he asked me account number photo and full name,I gave it,bt I doubt the way of his taking asking me details about my job and so on..
    I didn’t pay any money thank God fr protecting me.

  5. I got call from kbc Mr ranaa Pratap Singh he told me I m winner in lucky number of kon banega crore pati plz help me I have transferred him 3000 how can i take back my money plz plz help me

  6. I got call yesterday that I have won 2500000 lack in kBc. They demand me for bank account and photo. My very big mistake of that I was give it to him then they demanding 10100ru. Resignation fee. And I believed on him and gave him money. Please help me I think this is fraud.

    1. I got a call stating that i won lotery of 25 lakhs asked me my details and want us me awnd me my details and want me pay of 11000 but i haveent paid frequetly calliing and pay to tax related but i dint pay they told me they callibg from sbi bhartiya i confirm one of my friend qith sbi he told there is nothing like that

    2. Sir meri pass call aya ki tumhare wattsap number par lotry laga hai 2500000 ka jesa lane ke leya apko 17000 rupay dane honga tex mane kaha mere pass itne passe nahi hai to mare se kaha adhe jama kar do aap ke ac me 1250000 rupay a jaynge fear adhe jama kare dena mane 8000 rupay jama kare deya to mare se kaha sestam acept nahi kare raha hai 9000 our jama karwao tabe apke ac me 2500000 transfar honge uske bade mane kuch nahi kara hai

  7. I got call from kbc at i win the 25 lack but I send tha registration fees rs=15000 and again call to again pay the many online transfer fees 50000 what is the process of kbc more number of fake member’s are developed from kbc first create the single original number to kbc please check for online how much fake number and fake website for developed please compalint the fake number of kbc and take acting first Please don’t respect the kbc call please people helps from all Indians

  8. I also recv a call yesterday i have won lottry of 25 lakh ….lottery no 7851….plzz cnfrm it ..is this real or fake ….
    Again i recv a call frm another no they aslo told that u have won 25 lakh lottery but they gave another lottery no …555001 lottery no which they gave ….sir plzz cnfm it …

  9. Hello sir Mera nam dilip gopal thakare hai 2500000 ka muje lottery laga hai Mera WhatsApp pe call Aya tha our Mera lottery namber hai 0011uk.sir he Sach hai ki galat hai sir muje batahiye please batanasir

  10. Hello sir mera Naam srikanta sabar hai Aaj mujhe 2500000 ka lottery Laga hai Aisa ek massage aya hai what’s app per kya ye sach hai ya jhut please bataye sir

  11. Kal pehle mujhe Rana Partap Singh ka voice message aya k app lattary jeet chuke ho app ko 12500 cash transfer karna hoga fir apko 2500000 milega Fir Maine head office mein bhi phone lgaya yeh pata lgane k liye k yeh fake to nahi hai onho ne mujhe kaha k hamare pass is naam ka koi staff nahi hai wo kehte hai k app lucky winner ho aur pehle 15000 cash transfer karoo fir apko 2500000 cash milega yeh bhi fake hai sab fake hai yaha pe

  12. Sir you said that i have won 25 lakhs reward for my mobile number, but i don’t know what I have do know to take the money, so please guide me sir

  13. Sir mera naam nisar ha… Muje 11 date ko watsapp peh call i k apne lucky draw k zriye 35 lac. Rupees win kiye ha… Muje eq lottry no. Dia 9911 Or phir mujse eq photo Or name with account no snd krne ko bola.. Jab ma ne bola muje ye pse kse milain ge ab.. Wapis se uno ne bola k ap hume 16000 rupy snd kro jo register krne k hote hain… Jab ma ne ni kia to bole ase ni hoskta..phir ma ne google peh search kr k eq no. Pr phn kia wo bole k ap unlogo ka phn no. Or koi proof snd kro ma ne wo b kia… Uno ne muje bola k ma KBC head office se baat krta ho..wo sab log fake hain uss sir ne b mujse mra phn no. Snd krne ko bola.. Jab me ne phn no snd kia to udr se uno ne muje eq or lottry no snd kia 414042 pir sath ma eq wibsite snd ki jis k zriye ma ne apna no check kia k waqia hi uss lottery no. K zriye ma ne 25 lac. Win kiye hain.. Ab jab me ne bola k muje ye sab kse mile gha wo bole muje apna adhar no. Or bank ki pic snd kro.. Or 10000 rupee b jo registration k hain to M je un per koi brosa ni hoa.. Ap muje ye btao ap k kia asa ha kuch… Or sath hi ye btao k ye jo wabsite muje di ha ye koi official ha k ni .. KBC-LOTTRY. COM…. plz tell me

    1. Sir mera name rahid ashraf h
      Aaj mujhe bhi whatsapp pe message aaya tha k aapke no pe lottery laga h 25 lakh ka or mere paas 12500 rupe taxs manga rha to to mujhe ye fek h aisa kuch nahi hota to maine use kaha k who rupe aap rakh lijye mujhe nahi chayye

  14. I am mr Som Lal subedi mr bala Cal from sbi he tel me I winner kbc lotttery

    He give no 8991 I checked kbc lotttery but I found no but I don’t found my name plz tell me what is sholuson plz tel me

  15. May ek house wife hun.mujhe whatsappe sms aya ki may loterry jit chunki hu 2500000 lakh ka,to unhne mera bank account liya or mera pssport size photo liya.fir 12200 rupiya tax chaha jab may who nehi diya toh unohne bola free me dunga agar may unko 150000 lakh dunga to,may raji ho gaya who jaisa kaha korti gayi,ab mera whatsapp no banned ho gaya,kaise may firse usko chalu koro koi mujhe bata do pls….

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