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KBC Lucky Draw Rana Pratap Singh | KBC Lucky Draw Helpline Number +19188444454

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There are many game shows which are aired on Indian Television but among all those game shows KBC is the most famous Game show aired in the history of Indian television. The game show of unique nature KBC is being hosted by famous Bollywood celebrity of India Mr. Amitabh Bachan, He became the signature celebrity associated with KBC.

The show KBC was started back in 2000, It is a franchise show initiated in Hindi Language of original “Who wants to be Millionaire ” which was already being on-airing in Australia. Mr. Amitabh Bhachan was the first celebrity who had first hosted KBC show and hosted all seasons except the third season which was being hosted by Mr. Shahrukh Khan one of the most famous celebrities in Bollywood.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager

According to the research there are multiple websites which say according to their latest update that KBC host title has now been handed over to Rana Pratap Singh. The question arises who is Mr. Rana Pratap Singh and why is he associated with KBC lucky draw 2023? The answer is simple: Mr. Rana Pratab Singh is the MD of KBC show in Mumbai and Manager of this Show. No doubt he is among one in the team who is behind the success of KBC.

He is running a lottery which is named as KBC Lottery according to many sources available on web showing that he is also the manager of KBC Lucky Draw. Reference link about Mr. Rana Pratab Singh

Rana Partab

KBC Lucky Draw Helpline Number

The KBC has initiated the lucky draws for participants to provide a chance to viewers to participate in the KBC game and win prizes. To provide services to all participants KBC has launched a 24/7 Helpline Number which is 0019188444474.

It is being shared to stay cautious about the scammers who use other different numbers to create misconceptions about KBC Lucky Draw and most of those numbers can ask you different questions or can misguide you. Most of those numbers are with country code +92 or +93 which are not from India. Stay beware about these issues and make sure that message received should be from India country code +91. The guidelines for digital safety are always being shared with the participants of KBC Lucky Draw.

What is KBC?

KBC stands for a well-known Indian television game show KBC The English version is “Who wants to be a millionaire”? Actually, It is a prominent show which attracts the audience from all over the India. It was introduced in July 3, 2000. Amitabh Bachan, an Indian renowned actor, has been hosting it since its inception. However, the third season of it had been hosted by Shah Rukh Khan in 2007. It is aired on Sony Entertainment channel. As you have been familiar with this show, in it, the contestants are asked different Multiple choice questions, and at the end of the show the winners are given huge prizes as the highest prize so far is 70 million Indian rupee.

Address:  Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India

Is the KBC Lottery Real or Fake?

Now, a question comes to mind whether the KBC lottery is a scam or real? Prior to shedding light on its authenticity, let’s discuss what the KBC lottery actually is. So, there is actually a way of making people believe that they have won prizes which is totally a scam. According to some sources, recently certain fraudsters have made phone calls and sent emails and messages in order to convince the recipients that they have won this much amount of money.

Therefore, the people are being informed not to share their personal information if they are demanded through messages or calls. It’s considered a scam yet most people believe in KBC Lottery and they have availed this opportunity as well. To make it sure, first confirm the Lottery number but if you face such kind of fraud immediately contact the KBC head office number.

How to check the KBC Lottery?

One can easily check KBC Lottery numbers online through its official website. It has got its helpline number as well. Recently, with some modifications in 2023, the recipients’ Sims are being connected with KBC lucky draw. They only need to make a phone call on the KBC HEAD office Number 0019188444477. So make yourself register and take your Lottery number as soon as possible. It takes a few minutes to get yourself registered. After doing it, wait for it as KBC Lottery winner list is given on its official website.

KBC Lottery winner 2023 Fake messages from Rana Pratap Singh and Akash Verma

Rana pratap singh is serving as a manager of KBC winner lottery. If you get a fake call from the aforementioned person, firstly confirm its authenticity by contacting the Head office directly. A fake message under the name of the manager has been viral on whatsApp number which is being shared. The message entails these words: “Aap ke is number pe 25 lakh rupaye ki lottery lagi hain lottery hasil karne ke liye es number per contact karen. Rana Pratap Singh”. Moreover, people also receive fake messages in the name of Akash Verma which is also a scam. Therefore, beware of such kinds of fake messages and visit the official page or site for confirmation. Likewise, you can get the whatsApp number of the manager exclusively from the site.

KBC Lottery 2023

After going through the official website of KBC, here is some good news for you all that the KBC lucky draw 2023 has been announced. In order to help out the poverty-stricken families of India, KBC-sim card lucky draw has been introduced. Actually, it is registered with sim cards across India. It means that the participants don’t need to fill the forms but rather they get access through their sim cards. Having done this process, the recipients will get a chance of becoming a millionaire.

Best of Luck.

KBC Lucky Draw Competition 2023

KBC has started Lucky draws, the competition in which participants from all over India participate to try their luck and to win prizes. The lucky draw is conducted every month and a number of participants win many prizes. It is very important to know that when the KBC Lucky draw is conducted then simply the KBC lucky draw takes place twice every month. The specific dates for this lucky draw will be on the 10th and 20th of every month. The participants who are interested to grab big wins should have to get their phones recharged for active participation and winning.

Check KBC IMO Lottery Result

The Imo is a social media app which is being used by millions of users across the world for calling and video calling. The KBC Lottery has an initiative of launching participation in this lucky draw for Imo users to provide them the opportunity to actively take part in the KBC lottery. The winners of Lottery will be contacted through their Imo numbers to share details about their prize money and how they can obtain their winning. The current results of recent Imo Lottery obtained from Imo lottery portal is added here below:

It is very easy to become a part of Imo KBC Lottery but in case of any inconvenience or you find any difficulty in the participation process in KBC lottery for Imo users, the helpline and support numbers are mentioned below the user can call on these numbers below to get assistance.

If you want to ask any thing about participation and need proper guidelines, then contact the IMO Head Office number for KBC lottery given below: Imo Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444474

If you are a participant and facing any difficulty in participation process or unable to enter your submission for participation, simply contact on the Imo helpline number for KBC Lucky Draw given below:

Imo Helpline Number +19188444454

Check KBC lottery online 2023

One of the most searched questions which often comes to our mind is where to find the results of KBC lottery online and often this question becomes confusing but It is very easy and simple if we are having answers to such questions. In order to check the results of the KBC Lottery. The details can be checked online related to lottery winners, process, and frequently asked questions. The participants of KBC Lottery can easily find out the list of winners and can get result through KBC lottery websites which are shared below:

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