KBC Lucky Draw Poster | What is KBC Lucky Draw Poster

KBC is an Indian top game show that has been broadcasted in Hindi for the past many years. It has been shown on KBC TV since 2010 and comes in the same format as ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’. For the convenience of the customers, KBC also offers a lottery system. There is a lucky draw and the winner gets a chance to win 25 lakhs. After winning, people get a KBC lucky draw poster as well as a voice message which says that they have won a lucky draw. Through this poster, the participants can know what they have won and what are the next steps to follow.

What is the KBC Lucky Draw Poster?

The KBC lucky draw poster is another popular addition which tells the winners that they have won the lucky draw. The best thing about the poster is that it has the picture of the State Bank of India, Amitabh Bachchan, Narendra Modi, the mobile operators and the lucky lottery number that the participant has. This poster consists of a phone number of the KBC office written on it.

KBC Lucky Draw

How Does the KBC Lucky Draw Poster Work?

When a participant wins a lottery on the KBC on the KBC lucky draw, he receives a poster as well as a voice message. This particular message is from the KBC manager Rana Pratap Singh who calls directly from the KBC WhatsApp customer office situated in New Delhi. This voice message reminds the customer that he has won 25 Lakh Rupees.

The money that the participant has won from the lottery is sent directly to the State Bank of India in Mumbai. The manager has the number of the poster and he is there to provide any additional information to the participant. As a winner, you are required to save this number and then make a WhatsApp audio call to the office.

What is the Best Way to Participate in KBC Lucky Draw?

To participate in the KBC lucky draw, you need to follow a few steps as a customer.

  • The main step for you is to get a registered sim and a smartphone.
  • You can also visit the KBC website and get yourself registered.
  • You will be eligible for all the rewards and can receive the lottery number through SMS and email.
  • If you win the lucky draw, the KBC team will automatically get in touch with you and inform you about the rest of the process.

KBC Lucky Draw Coupon

There is no doubt that KBC or KBC is the most popular game reality show in India, and KBC TV announces its returns for the seasons with Amitabh Bachchan being the host. The KBC official website announces the names and phone numbers of the lottery winners, while people can also check their lottery from different sites. There is also a Lucky Draw Coupon offered by KBC in which 10 lucky winners are chosen to win 2 lakhs through a special coupon code.

What is KBC?

KBC is a lottery game show in India that is aired on a magnificent scale in all parts of the country. Citizens from all parts of India can register for this game and get a chance to win huge prizes. Those who want to become part of the lucky draw just need to get their sim card registered and follow a few straightforward steps. The phone number gets refreshed in the database and the player gets enlisted in the KBC draw. Lucky winners can win up to 25 lakh Indian Rupees.

What is a KBC Lucky Draw Coupon?

People in all parts of India and the entire world have a KBC fever and they can have great chances to win a lucky draw easily. Every week KBC offers 1 lakh that the participants can win right from the comfort of their homes. The KBC Lucky Draw Coupon is offered to 10 lucky winners who can have a chance to win 1 lakh every week.

There is a coupon that the participants will receive through SMS or email. It is worth noting that only ten lucky winners can win the Lucky Draw Coupon each week. They just need to get themselves registered and have a chance to become a lakhpati during the game show KBC.

The contestants should also keep in mind that on some weekends, the 10 lucky winners can even have a chance to win a Double Jackpot. It means that they will be getting a whopping 2 lakhs. Any individual who is an Indian citizen and is 18 years or above becomes eligible to participate in the KBC Lucky Draw Coupon.

How to Know if You have Won the Lucky Draw?

The KBC customer service team is always there to help all the participants and makes sure that all their queries and issues are resolved right away. If the participant wins through the KBC Lucky Draw Coupon or the Double Jackpot, the KBC customer service team gets in touch with them and guides them through the rest of the process.

To register for the contest, there is no payment involved, but the players have to buy a lottery ticket for winning. If you need any details or help regarding the problems, you can always visit the KBC website which has plenty of useful information.