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KBC Jio 2500000 Winners List and Winners Mobile Numbers

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Dear Jio sim card user, if you have won the Jio 25 lakh lottery in the Jio 25 Lakh lucky draw then you can check your name in the KBC Jio lottery winner list. We are showing the latest Jio 25 Lakh lottery winner list on this website and if you are a KBC Jio lottery winner please don’t forget to call Jio KBC head office number +19188444454. So from this our official website customers get more help and information about lottery and lottery winners on line lists. From us you may get or buy lottery tickets and join this lucky chance. We are pasting or writing WhatsApp helpline numbers for the facility of customers. So you may get any information about the Jio 25 lakh lottery and get what you need.

To check if your kbc lottery is real or fake, go to the kbc lottery status page of kbcjiolotterywinnerlist.com. After that, you can choose the lottery name from the drop down menu and then enter your winner’s mobile number and lottery number. It will display the status of your lottery and you will come to know if your lottery is won or not.

You can also get information about the JIO Lottery 2024.

JIO 25 Lakh Lottery Winner List 2024

Now we are showing the Latest Jio 25 Lakh lottery winner list 2024 here:

  • Ms. Laxmi Devi Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 987873 City Mumbai Date 01-01-2024.
  • Anuradha Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 873827 City Mumbai Date 01-01-2024.
  • Banu Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 673928 City Delhi Date 01-01-2024.
  • Abhishek Singh Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number City Delhi 999001 Date 01-01-2024.
  • Surendra Kumar Meena Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 664912 City Kolkata Date 01-01-2024.
  • Imran Khan Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 83918 City Kolkata Date 01-01-2024.

We have shown above all the JIO 25 Lakh lottery winners list. If you have any query about KBC JIO lottery winner list or about how to get the winning amount please contact JIO KBC head office number +19188444454.

Check KBC Jio Lottery Online 2024

All the KBC JIO lottery winners can check their lottery online by entering the winner ‘s mobile number and lottery number.

For more information about kbc jio lottery 2024 please call KBC Head Office 0019188444474. Because this number is officially registered with kbc. All the kbc winners of 2024 can also check his lottery on this website. Remember in this website you can also check Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL lottery here. All the kbc and jio 25 lakh lottery winners can check his lottery on this website.

Jio Winner List 2024 Latest Updates

In the previous month of Feb there were many kbc jio lottery winners who got this fortunate lottery prize. We are mentioning lists of ex-winners below our webpage. You may get to visit and watch these lucky Fortunate makers. In this way, you may not miss the chance of getting a good future. There is great competition for sim cards among all Indian people. It’s not a competition of sim cards but it’s a competition of luck for people of our beloved state. Through this competition customers have a shining access to KBC Jio lottery lists with an online portal.

Beware Please- Now we are showering strict and beneficial instructions to the customers about kbc fake and artificial air. Indian people should not keep blind faith on scam and kbc fake calls. Our native land nation should not give serious attachment to these catastrophic and destructive calls. These stony callers are copying the data of KBC in order to make themselves prosperous. These wild hearted people have no mercy and pity for every one. In such a puzzling situation, please contact our kbc head office number and get consoling information. These money hackers are calling from different codes or I’d. Please inform us we will take memorable steps against them.

KBC JIO Lottery Winner 2024 List

Here is the latest KBC JIO lottery winner 2024 list:

No:KBC JIO Winner name:Lottery Amount:Lottery Number:
1.Pooja Bhantnagar25,00,0008991
2.Azad Alam25,00,00089917
3.Suresh Chaudhary25,00,0000150
4.Imran Khan DK25,00,0001001012
5.Haider Ali PK25,00,0001001094
6.Rahul Shetty25,00,00089912

Following is the latest KBC JIO lottery winner list 2024. If you are a KBC JIO lottery winner but your name is not showing in this winners list please contact the KBC head office. Similarly we are also updating KBC lottery winners list and WhatsApp winners list on this website.

Furthermore information about kbc jio lottery winner 2024 list. So please don’t forget to call the kbc head office. Because this 0019188444474 number is officially registered with kbc. Similarly we are updating kbc winner list 2024 every month. So keep visiting this kbc jio official website.

Jio Lottery Numbers List 2024

No:Jio Winner NameLottery Amount:Lottery Numbers:
1.Rahul Kumar Pandey10,00,0008926349
2.Vinod Sharma25,00,0000972839
3.Ajit Singh35,00,0002347987
4.Aslam Khan50,00,0000298344

Finally if the lottery number you get is not on the list , then this means the lottery number is fake. Similarly some fake Jio lottery numbers examples we are showing here:

Finally fake Jio lottery number example: 8991, 1122, 0077, 98800, 0066, 0055. Furthermore information about KBC Jio lottery please contact the Jio kbc head office number.

KBC Jio Lottery 2024 Latest Information

KBC Jio Lottery 2024: Customers are worrying about KBC original prize winners lists. Which is attested by KBC management. Now we are forwarding day to day lists of winners of KBC game shows. Daily we are also showing authentic and verified KBC head office numbers. If customers belong to Kolkata. You can watch and observe prize winner lists of native of Kolkata city. KBC’s latest lottery holder’s list from the previous month Feb 2024 is here. You may download and test your lottery name and prize. This can be done through kbc head office contact numbers. You may check previous years lottery winner lists and pending lottery holder’s name and get your deserved prize in time by contacting us.

You can contact us through our kbc WhatsApp helpline numbers. A Jio sim card user may get you a pending prize by dialing our WhatsApp guideline numbers. So our representative is working there for the help of customers. Our representative is working 24 hours for the service of confused persons regarding the KBC lucky draw. Now we are introducing modern weapons for the consoling people. Through this modern way you may get or gain and achieve what you desire. We are bringing fast changes in our system for the communication of customers.

Jio 25 Lakh Lottery Registration Charges

Lottery AmountJio Lottery Registration Charges:Late Fee:Lottery Validity Date:
15,00,00015,00015,000 + 10000= 25,0003 Days
25,00,00025,00025,000 + 10,000= 35,0005 Days
35,00,00035,00035,000 + 15,000= 50,00010 Days

Finally your lottery date is only 10 days if you are late 3 days after the lucky draw date you should pay your late fee. So If you don’t receive your jio 25 lakh lottery cash within 10 days. Then your lottery will automatically cancel and the Jio lottery department will not be responsible for this. So don’t be late and contact Jio KBC head office number 0019188444474. All the Jio lottery winners can also call us on KBC Head Office Number 0019188444474.

Jio Lottery Fraud Calls

Similarly, dear Jio winner 2023 if you received any fake call or Whatsapp sms please don’t share your personal details or bank details with anyone. So if you receive any fake call/sms please contact the Jio KBC head office number to verify that the call or sms which you received is fake or real. Because the Jio kbc head office number is only one way to verify your lottery online.

Dear Jio KBC Lottery winner, if you receive this kind of lottery paper please report to us on the Jio KBC Head office number. Finally we warn the Jio winner and KBC winner, please don’t share your personal details or bank details to these kinds of fake callers.

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