KBC Lottery Winner 2024 25 Lakh List Today – KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2024

The reliability of WhatsApp KBC 25 lakh lottery 2024 show stands for has always been the one thing that can’t be questioned. It was recently reported that there had been some rumors claiming things such as KBC Lottery Winner 2024 List on WhatsApp. So if you want to get the latest and real information about KBC Lottery winner 2024 list today Jio. Please don’t forget to call the KBC Jio Head office number which is +19188444474. If you receive a fake KBC lottery WhatsApp message on your WhatsApp. Please report to the KBC head office about these KBC Lottery fake WhatsApp messages.

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 List WhatsApp

No:KBC Winner 2024 Name:Prize in USDPrize in INR:Lottery No:Date:
1.Khalid Vicky Prince$1 Million₹25 Lakh873301 January 2024
2.Faisal Big Show$1 Million₹25 Lakh899101 January 2024
3.Sarwar Bacha$2 Million₹50 Lakh015001 January 2024
4.Rakesh Kumar Gupta$2 Million₹50 Lakh8991701 January 2024
5.Vijay Kumar$3 Million₹75 Lakh7363601 January 2024
6.Arjun Singh$3 Million₹75 Lakh799301 January 2024
7.Akash Verma$5 Million₹1.25 Crore8991801 January 2024
Sri Amitabh Bhachan showing the KBC WhatsApp Winner phone, name, mobile number and winning amount

KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2024

In KBC there is a lucky draw which is called KBC WhatsApp lucky draw, in this lucky draw KBC has included all WhatsApp numbers used in All India. In this lucky draw KBC selects 5 numbers every month for the lottery of twenty five lakh 25 lakh. If you are a WhatsApp user and living in India then you can also win this 25 lakh lottery in KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2024.

If you have win this lucky draw and you don’t know how to get the lottery prize please don’t be late and contact KBC WhatsApp number +19188444454, +19188444474, these are the head office numbers of KBC for WhatsApp users so if you are winner please don’t be late and contact KBC head office as soon as possible. Because there is very little time to collect this lottery prize, you need to collect the prize within 5 days after the lucky draw.

KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Message

The KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp spread on the basis of the KBC WhatsApp lottery brand reliability and has been unexpectedly getting a lot of momentum. This WhatsApp forward is actually an online portal burning the bushes around a supposed online lottery. Viewers started wondering if this is, in reality, something affiliated with the Online TV show and hence claims real money.

A WhatsApp message was the only form of marketing that spread on the texting platform, telling its recipients that they have won a whopping 25 lakhs because of their social media presence. This fake promise of conducting a merit-based online lottery made a lot of people. It’s bait in one way or the other. This message mentioned that the user had won a massive amount of 25 lakh rupees as their prize money. All they need to do now is claim it. However, understanding the reality behind this supposed scam has been a work in its own right.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Check Online 2024

Dear WhatsApp user if you are a winner in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw and you want to verify your lottery online that you are a winner or not, then you are on the right place in this website you can check your WhatsApp lottery online. To check your KBC WhatsApp lottery online just enter your WhatsApp number and your registered lottery number here, and click on the “Check” button and you will get the result soon on your WhatsApp.

If you face any assistance please feel free to contact KBC WhatsApp head office number which is mentioned above, kbc officer will help you and give you the direction.

Dear KBC lottery winner, if you don’t have your registered lottery number please call +19188444479. You can also contact us if you get a fake KBC lottery call.

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 25 Lakh List Today

Congratulation KBC is announcing the latest KBC Lottery winner 2023 25 Lakh List Today:

  • Mr. Anwar Tamba Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 8991 Winning Date 01 January 2024 city Mumbai
  • Tariq Ali Choma Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 82722 Winning Date 01 January 2024 City Mumbai.
  • Ehsaan Don Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 0105 Winning Date 01 January 2024 City Kolkata.
  • Sarwar Lahori Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 8383 Winning Date 01 January 2024 City Pune.
  • Munir Hunter King Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 1001 Winning Date 01 January 2024 City Delhi.
  • Irfan Shetti Winning Amount 25 Lakh lottery number 50054 Winning Date 01 January 2024 City Delhi.

Furthermore information about Jio lottery winner 2024 please contact KBC Head office number +19188444474.

Is the KBC Lottery Real?

To understand whether this claim KBC lottery is real or fake you can read a plethora of news articles on the same topic KBC lottery real or fake but whether this is still a mystery. Viewers must realize that considering they have read the legitimate information about this claim KBC lottery real or fake and found it to be a fraud or scam they should definitely spread the word. They need to share this information in order to protect their friends and families from getting baited into losing their money and personal information.

The rumors of this WhatsApp lottery resurface every year with the starting of the show on the television. Scam artists that have been experienced in the lottery scams take part and make people their victims. However, the fact remains that no such thing exists, and people who have been claiming otherwise are also a part of this scamming committee.

How do they get their KBC 25 Lakh lottery information?

The other reason why people have been so quick to respond to a KBC 25 lakh lottery scam like this is because of its alleged association with famous personalities. These personalities include big names like Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani, and even Narendra Modi. The KBC 25 lakh lottery scam works on the precedent of a collaboration with a massive network that is JIO. The layout is set in a viral message that has been circulated over the internet. The letter claims that this WhatsApp lottery 25 lakh results from your phone already being present in their database. This database, which comes as a consequence of people’s network and their interest in the show, accepts a backend lucky draw to be responsible for your name on this list.

Along with the congratulation of winning all the money with no particular proof of the same. The message also entails a WhatsApp number for questions and queries. KBC and KBC JIO have denied any claims on the matter and have released a statement disapproving of their connection with the scam. Viewers can choose to check these numbers based on their own convenience for further proof. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that any official authorities back on such an opportunity of winning money like a lottery prize.

Websites for the KBC Lottery Prize

Additionally, it is also advised that many websites claiming such false promises have a backend and unethical hackers hacking into your system. So, it becomes all the more critical not to open these web pages. Clicking on these webpages and spending a considerable amount of time on them can also expose your IP address and various other information. Which is strictly advised against for your own privacy and security. Other than this, it goes without saying that the viewers should not look at these webpages and at no cost at all share their bank details or personal information on these illegitimate sites.

The only place where KBC is telecasted for sure is KBC television, and any other area has no foundation, especially the KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number. Until and unless you hear the anchor saying the words of an offer or prize money, please don’t believe in them. Even after something like this comes to your attention through the channel, make sure that you check the background of the number provided and only then participate in a conversation with them.

What do we need to do?

We are aware of the fact that providing this news is like bursting a sparking bubble for the people that were excited about this lottery. Expectedly people were looking forward to earning a fortune through this KBC WhatsApp, but irrespective of the fact that this news has been spreading widely, there is no truth in that. The need of the hour is to be intelligent enough to realize that no legitimate brand can ever take part in a backend lottery, and even if so, it won’t be through a slick WhatsApp message of no foundation.

There is only cleverness in understanding that this claim is manufactured to scam people into giving their personal information and bank details. The only way out is to stay distant. Advise your friends and family to do the same and spread the word in full force in order for people to realize the scam and not participate in it. You never know how much good a small contribution to the cause can do someone. Someone who has been thinking of indulging in the scam can still be saved through your small contribution.