Get Your Jio KBC Lottery Online Free | Check Jio KBC Winner List 2022

Sweet wisher of Jio KBC lottery 2022 now we are showing and telling simple and light way of registration in JIO KBC lottery 2022. Now it’s not depend upon you to visit Jio KBC lottery head office and entered your name. It’s now responsibility of us to register your file and ,divide prize. Customers should not confuse about their registering file regarding to Jio KBC lottery. Jio KBC is affiliated or related with your current fair sim cards. So all registered sim cards will be joined in Jio KBC of 2022 with easiest method. Similarly if u want to join KBC lottery just recharge your sim cards with passage of time with some pause regularly. So keep visiting Jio KBC winner 2022 website for latest information about KBC lottery paper and about JIO lottery.

Note: Dear KBC lottery fans if you receive this kind of KBC Lottery paper 2022 please immediately report on KBC Head Office Number 0019188444454. Because this is only one KBC head office number thanks.

Example: KBC Lottery Paper 2022.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List Today

KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery NumberWinner Mobile No:
Mr. Sarwar Bacha25,00,000 INR8991675****993
Mr. Imran Khan DK25,00,000 INR0150876****467
Mr. Faisal Big Show25,00,000 INR0077867****758
Mr. Nasir Guro25,00,000 INR0115906****658
Mr. Irfan Shetty25,00,000 INR1177768****536
Mr. Ramzan Iqbal35,00,000 INR74673900****333
Mr. Ram Pandey35,00,000 INR90213911****547
Mr. Khalid Vicky35,00,000 INR1001091675****985
Mr. Yousaf Sadar50,00,000 INR748732786****547
Mr. Sajid Ali50,00,000 INR89910657****754

Jio KBC Lottery Registration 2022

When customers are recharging their sim cards it is symbol of self registration. Similarly it’s a common way of participations. So keep recharging time by time and customers will be joined in Jio KBC lottery automatically. Therefore no need to think about visiting or get verification of joining through sim cards. Because all Indian are register in this jio lucky draw. So it’s a good news for all multiple people of Indian states in this way your name are added in this fortunate lucky draw. Similarly we have told the customers about their exact or verified participation. All Indian living customers are capable to get lottery and make good fortunate through your sim recharging. So it’s a modern way of participations of jio lucky draw 2022. All sweet beloved customers are participants of Jio kbc of 2022.

Check Jio KBC Lottery 2022 Online

Dear jio kbc lottery winner you can check your jio kbc lottery by entering your winner mobile number and lottery number.

Dear jio kbc lottery winner if you have any query about jio kbc winner list please call 0019188444478. Similarly you can also check kbc winner list 2022 on this website. All the jio kbc lottery and jio kbc lucky draw registration process will discuss here.

KBC Jio Winner 2022

Jio KBC Winner List 2022

  • Ganyaal Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 82922 Winning Date 01 January 2022.
  • Rahul Kumar Sharma Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 29911 Winning Date 01 January 2022.
  • Arjun Kumar Rana Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 654443 Winning Date 01 January 2022.
  • Laxmi Kumari Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 79922 Winning Date 01 January 2022.
  • Abid Boom Boom Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 09911 Winning Date 01 January 2022.
  • Ismail Metha Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 666784 Winning Date 01 January 2022.

For more information about jio kbc winner list 2022 please don’t hesitate and contact kbc number 0019188444454. Similarly you can also check kbc winner list 2022 in this website. So keep visiting for latest kbc jio lottery information.

KBC Lottery Manager Name

No:KBC Manager Name:Designation:Phone Numbers:
1.Rajesh KumarKBC Manager+19188444478
2.Sandeep Kumar KBC Manager+19188444479
3.Vijay KumarLottery Manager+19188444480
4.Rakesh Kumar GuptaLottery Manager+19188444474
5.Rana Pratap SinghKBC Manager+19188444454

For more information about KBC Lottery Manger information or about KBC Lottery Manager Contact Numbers please don’t be hesitate and call 0019188444454.

Jio Winner Fraud Calls 2022

Fake fraud and artificial callers. Now Jio kbc lottery department is conveying serious and trustworthy information to beloved customers of Jio kbc prize winning department. We are pasting information to new people of our sweet state information is that customers are getting and seeing various types of calls and lottery papers from different sources. These people who are using different kinds of cheating like WhatsApp SMS and imo lottery SMS. They are lotting people by showing artificial way of jio kbc lottery some calls are from internet someone is from Pak 0092*some are from dollars or euro I’d ,121″ these merciless and stone hearted people are using different WhatsApp ,IMO.

The target of these people to get money and become a rich. Jio kbc lottery winning department is giving authentic message to inhabitants of our motherland don’t believe such tempestuous and greedy and fraud calls. When customers receiving these calls they should not trust these callers. The aim of these callers to make money attack innocence and simple peoples. We want to protect customers from these parasites dialed immediately Head office contact which is mention above.

If the customers follow the advise of Jio kbc authority then registered customers are in protection. Jio kbc lottery winning authority is only way of avoiding from these callous callers. these people are product of fraud and heartlessness. There is no reality in IMO calls , WhatsApp calls and different country code calls and lottery paper in 2022. Jio kbc not allowed to call customers but customers themselves should calls. There is no option of call from Jio kbc.

KBC Lottery Winning Amount Tax

KBC Winning AmountTax
15,00,000 INR10,000 INR
25,00,000 INR15,000 INR
35,00,000 INR25,000 INR
50,00,000 INR35,000 INR
1,00,00,000 INR50,000 INR

Kbc Lucky Draw Fraud Calls 2022

Instruction now JIO KBC is giving instruction to the participants don’t deposit money ,or taxes. These are the great scammers and using scamming way on the name of KBC Lucky draw. Finally all the WhatsApp callers are scammers. They are imitating our web pages or link. Similarly they are stealing material from our link. These money maker are getting lottery number from our official link. They are using our official page by showing the customers. Now we are forwarding sympathetic guide line to customers to protect from these IMO callers ,and net callers. Such sects or groups are abominable. These persons have dirty nature. These men are not real men but animal which is cause of destruction for simple people. Finally if you got any fraud call please call 0019188444454.

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